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Helpful Articles for Manistee River Steelhead Fishing:

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Manistee River Below Tippy Fishing Report

Open Fall Steelhead Dates:

Jon Ray - November 3rd - December 1,4,7-10

Ed McCoy - November 20, 21, 22, 23, 25

Oct 20th, 2014


Sean is all smiles and you can see why, Great fish!

Fall steelhead continues to roll along nicely, with some great fish in the system. Just like last year, fish do seem a little bigger than average. Giving anglers all they can handle. With some rain storms that came through the area this past week, water did come up and turn a little brownish in the lower end. But water is now dropping and slowly clearing.

For the most part fish are still set up in the the few bait piles that remain behind the kings, coho, and LRB's that are spawning. So pressure is high in those areas.

Should be a good week to break the two-hander in. With temps about perfect for the streamer to grab attention. Bright egg-sucking leeches getting the most attention and a great place to start. When picking a fly to swing.

Jon Ray

Manistee River Tippy Area Map